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Starting out with 0 followers! The initial idea was to create an interactive instagram, lack of response made us rethink the idea. A brainstorming session led us to building a social media presence and using interactive marketing to reach users.

Launching a Revamped Campaign

Create awareness Guerilla marketing- went to UTD Halloween Event to create content a create awareness. Used a cooler with a sign and asked people to participate. Flyer creation with Adobe Spark Action Statement- “It’s free just take a picture with a Coke!” Asked people to #utdcoke on instagram This gave us content to post 3 times a day with a ton of hashtags to spread to word Posting on a schedule increased response Gave us time to gather new content

Coke vs Pepsi

Keep followers and Grow- We reached 40 followers with the first campaign New plan was to launch two campaigns Post a pic and #utdcoke Selfie, spa day, workout Low response but used to retain followers Keeps our scheduled posting consistent

Coke vs Pepsi

Keep followers and Grow- Coke VS Pepsi- Interactive stop motion animation video To gather new followers and give existing followers something to interact with Users comment how to save the girl that is kidnapped in the first video 16 total responses led the outcome for the next video And spread the word of our campaign to different social media platforms Reddit, Facebook and Instagram

Results of the Interactive Campaign

Creating a participatory experience It is not easy to get people involved Using only social media to grow a brand and create interactivity is a lot more simple when there is plenty of content to share. Showing other actual individuals being involved made our campaign take off in the beginning Seeking post interaction depended on how easy it is to interact. At first asking people to log out of their accounts and into ours was asking a lot from users Asking for a selfie and a hashtag was slightly more simple face to face guerilla marketing gave us content and helped create a group mentality to #utdcoke