Andy Sanchez

Where is Batman Participatory Campaign

The idea of this campaign was to get viewers involved, viewers would comment to decide where the next video would take place. The idea was not to ask people to directly, "where should I go next?", but to create a particapatory story. The way I would phrase the question to keep people involved was phrased like, where may Batman be next? or have you seen Batman near you? I learned a lot about creating participation and interactivity in a social campaign.

Premise and Process

Batman has come to Dallas to save the city from Joker. To simulate first person point of view I used voice overs to communicate with viewers. I asked them to inform me of where else Batman may be in the city of Dallas.

Gear I Used

Splice by GoPro Voiceover App Free! You can add music by genre!
Premier Pro Graphics As a throw back To catch scrollers attention
Ableton Mix and Master Audio

3 Main Videos

I used a strategy that would be impactful and keep viewers attention. I focused on creating four main videos that would be of Batman actually playing drums. Each Drum video was meant to be the real attention grabber that created new followers.

3 Filler Videos

In the time that I was preparing for my next main video I would release simple videos that where big attention grabbers. By having these short and easy to make videos, I was able to keep the viewers that had been following and commenting interested.

Final Results

I was able to reach over 1200 views. If I invested into boosting the post I believe I could build a strong following. Many people I had never met got involved and I feel I learned how to truly engage an audience.